Even with a fever, I finished up the final mock-up of the first new piece in my portfolio. The first of, like, at least 12 new pieces. Which means I still have 11 more to do. Plus printing and photographing them. And uploading them to my new site. That I still have to finish designing.

I want to be done with this project by February. Completely. I want the mock-ups done, the prints printed, the photoshoots complete, the website live, the hard copy portfolio glittering, and at least 10 job offers on my voicemail.

I’m going to eventually send these to my artist friends and tell them to take a look at my portfolio before I send it off to Paris. I’ll be holding a large manila envelope that is just marked “THE LOUVRE, PARIS, FRANCE” with stamps that have been clearly peeled off of old Christmas card envelopes I received.

(Most of the posts I make are made so I can show my blog archive to the therapist I will inevitably hire someday while on our first meeting so I can save a lot of time trying to explain what is wrong with me.)

(JKJK, I’ll never be emotionally healthy enough to care about myself enough to get a therapist. I’m just trying to justify why the heck I feel the need to post things like this at 1:42 in the afternoon after not sleeping all night because I slept all day yesterday because depression [and also, apparently, coming down with the sickness, not in the cool way.])