...not to mention plain-minded blog thief is back in the States and stealing my brain thoughts (and Facebook cover photos) again.

How fucking boring are you if you’re stealing BLOG ENTRIES? I know you’re reading this, Diamond Wilcoxson. If you have to lie about yourself on the Internet, I can’t imagine how awful you must be in real life.

Hope your New Years Resolution is to stop being so boring and desperate, Diamond Wilcoxson.

(Oh, shit! Baby girl isn't scared to tarnish your permanent record via Google! The Internet is forever, girl! Get some Internet Noxzema cos you're getting some serious e-blemishes!)

EDIT: She re-tweeted my "hey, fuck you" tweet that I sent to her yesterday, for stealing my thought about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy. Your whole life is a re-tweet, dumb ass.