This morning, the dad who I work for half-jokingly said, "glad to have you back. Thanks for coming back," as if me coming back to my more-than-full-time job that I really, really love was even in question. He then told me that they're planning a (possible) month-long vacation during June to go to San Diego and Los Angeles, and I immediately asked if I could come.

Today has been dragging, and I have all 3 kids. They are all going out to a party tonight to celebrate the new year, so they were required to take naps. The two older boys generally don't take naps anymore, so getting them to comply is usually a big task, requiring bribery and lies.

Wesley, with whom I share a mutual dislike (we are both Virgos and like to act like huge babies and hate other people who act like huge babies), just woke up and came over to snuggle me while I "bogged." He's so sweet when he wakes up. He's almost unrecognizable.

Happy new year.