I have never been the type of guy to buy my girlfriend/wife clothes or shoes. Not that I think that there is anything wrong with a man doing so, I just don't have the taste to match what my better half would wear in public. If clothes are something that she wanted I would simply pop for a gift card. Well, these shoes changed everything and couldn't have made her or me happier!

To be fair, the shoes were only the most expensive part of a package gift set that I had made up for my honey bunny. I wanted to give her a gift that was intimate and would mean something on a personal level. These shoes played a vital role in the package that turned out to be the gift that keeps giving!
After several years together, things had become a little boring in the bedroom if you know what I mean. The passion was gone and things seemed to be more of a chore or routine on the days we had scheduled to make whoopee. When things get like this it is time to do something to save the relationship, this I knew. I decided that she was worth me going out on a limb and exposing my inner desires. This is a feat that I have never been able to do with any other woman so at first it was a little awkward. See, I have always had a fetish for women who would wear large shoes and stomp on things. I don't know where the obsession stems from and quite frankly I don't care. Does it matter where the origins of a beautiful river are located, or is it just magical to take a step back and admire the ripples? Does it matter where a rainbow leads to, or is it just a wonderful spectacle to behold? I don't know why I like watching a woman stomp the bee Jesus out of a balloon or small mammal, I just do. I really....really...do. I knew there was no since in fighting it or trying to hide my secret little passion, if it couldn't happen with the woman I was with, then there was no point in delaying the inevitable. That's how I talked myself up to having the nerve to put myself out on a line.
In the end, I am glad that I did. As I said, the gift set included these fine shoes as well as a dozen of small, white mice that I had bought at a local pet store. I also bought a nice piece of sexy lingerie and made it even sexier by hot gluing some sequence and rhinestones all over it. I toped the package off with a costume mask of the incredible hulk. Not one of those garbage ones the kids wear on Halloween, I'm talking about Hollywood, movie grade mask. My god, when she first emerged wearing the mask and lingerie, complimented with these shoes, I thought that I was going to go insane right there. It was sooooo hot. I didn't think that things could get any better than that, then she grabbed the shoe box that was holding the mice and let those critters loose right then and there. The next twenty minutes is a little blurry in my memory . I remember little snippets of her jumping up and down and crushing the rodents with her size 14. Pure euphoria for me my friends. So believe me when I tell you that these things are well worth the money. You can't go wrong.

-Review for the Swedish clogs I am wanting to buy myself.