Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I almost forgot. This morning, I ate cereal. With milk. For the first time in years.

It was just like riding a bike. It tasted so good. Special K with skim milk. Milk from cows. Cow milk.

A couple of years ago I stopped eating cereal with milk. Just, completely. Which was an enormous task because I basically sustained life based on my consumption of cereal (usually Cheerios) with cow's milk. It was part of a new lifestyle change that I made (I am not vegan, or vegetarian -- I just got kinda grossed out by the concept of consuming cow's milk, especially with the amount of sugar in it; granted, I'll put milk in my coffee, or in baked goods, or in very tiny quantities, but NEVER just as plain old milk) and I haven't looked back since.  Until this morning.

It was so, so, so, so good.

But probably not good enough to continue doing.

But, maybe.

Chocolate Cheerios in milk? OMG. All I ate in 2010. That and Coke Zero and margaritas and guacamole and frozen yogurt. Wow. Wow. 15 pounds ago. What a dream.