Nothing has been going on lately. I've been so bored. Boredom is bad for me because it leads me to researching weird medical conditions online and convincing myself that I have them. You don't even want to know what things are wrong with me (both physically and mentally) but if you just imagine something, that's probably it.

Speaking of diseases and dying slowly and painfully from them, my computer is about to die.

See, I don't know if that's true, either. My screen just went white for no reason. It's also super slow because my hard drive is almost completely filled up and Genius Lady can't figure out how to use an external hard drive. Why is that hard for me? Don't you just plug them in and then drag & drop? I remember doing that when I got this computer. Why doesn't that work anymore? Why am I left behind? My operating system is from 2007, too. I don't even know what animal it is. I tried upgrading to Snow Leopard and my disc drive didn't work. I've been stuck in the past ever since.

So, that's all. Me and my computer, dying together.

Just like we already knew would happen.