My gosh! Girls night was so fun. Except for one of the girls, I'd only ever hung out with everybody else one other time in my whole life, and it was about a month and a half ago at the first Girls Night I went to. We ate a lot of sugar and laughed really hard and watched SNL.

One of the girls gave me a letter that she wrote, specifically for me. She put it in a gold envelope with a gold bow, and when we were leaving to get in our cars to go home, she told me that she was so happy to have met me and wanted to share some of her thoughts with me.

Damn, right?! I thought that was mad thoughtful. Kinda made me want to write a letter to everybody I've ever met and tell them things.

She asked that I wait until I get home to read it in private, and then to send her my number over Facebook so we could hang out. I mean, this all sounds kind of daunting, right? Kinda scary? Naturally, I assumed she had written a letter about all the things she hates about me and has issues with, because I used to have friends who did that to me regularly. LOL. Right?

It was the sweetest letter that I think I've ever received from anybody in my entire life. From a girl who doesn't even know me! A girl who just met me once and likes me and wants me to know that I'm a special person! HUH?

I don't want to exploit this confidential letter she wrote me, but this part really got me: "If you are focusing on the areas of your life where there is only "brown" left to see... it's not dead! Things haven't been taken away to punish, but to bring new life, growth, and abundance. You are being planted so that no matter what comes or goes, you are rooted in that abundance."

DAMN!!!!! As sweet as this letter was (and you know I’m a big loser who loves feelings and helping people and helping people with their feelings), I was so touched at the time. So embarrassed, and touched. I mean, the thought of this girl who barely knows me, making me cry and like, “having a moment” in that letter she wrote specifically for me? Damn. I’m like, “Hey, MTV/VH1/Bravo/Oxygen/G4/Fuse/Animal Planet! Where my cameras at?” You know? Because everything that happens to me is mad unique and should be shared.

Anyway I'm really happy about that letter she wrote me, so I'm gonna bless her with my phone number so she can praise me some more.