(Look, I know. Eating disorders aren't funny, or whatever. They're not. But 15 year olds are. Because I remember being 15 and eating cookies and bagels all day and wondering why I wasn't losing weight. I love 15 year olds. They remind me of how many clues I've gotten since then.)

This other girl says that she ate 550 calories yesterday and feels fat. Because she ate TWO Poptarts for breakfast, some cough drops, and Quaker rice cakes.

Let me tell you something. If you want to limit your calories, don't limit them to over-processed carb-heavy foods. Make some soup with vegetables and chicken. Eat some hummus with broccoli. Make some guacamole and your own tortilla chips. Cook chicken in the crock pot and cut up some onions and cilantro and make your own tacos. Eat food that is delicious and nourishes you.

Maybe that says something about me that my ego is benefiting from these stupids, but like... I'm willing to admit that it might be the case.