I stayed up until 11 last night (lol) baking cookies for a girls' night that I am attending tonight. It's the second one with this particular group of females, and I'm pretty excited because they're all low-key, non-threatened, non-catty, friendly and empowering individuals who earnestly care about being nice to other people without any selfish motives. This is a super rare quality to find in people who live in Nashville. Nashville is the city of people who act like they are from L.A., except they act way worse than people from L.A. and are half as cool in real life.

For no reason other than like, loving me or whatevs, these girls invited me to eat treats and watch Christmas movies with them. I’m pretty excited about the treats and seeing these girls and hanging out in a group of femininity and positiveness. We’re going to celebrate our sisterhood. And I’m gonna eat treats!