I made it

Friday, December 21, 2012

  • Getting up at 5:00 AM to shower
  • Picking Kailee up at 6:00 AM
  • Arriving at Nashville Airport by 6:20 AM
  • Standing in the baggage check line for a half hour
  • Going through security with a live animal
  • Eating an untoasted bagel for breakfast
  • Finding our 8:35 AM flight is delayed until 9:15
  • ...and then 10:00
  • ...and then 10:30
  • ...and then 11:15
  • and then 11:30
  • and then 1:00
  • Oliver peeing on the airport carpet because he had been holding his tiny bladder for eight hours and was only supposed to have to hold it for five hours
  • and then 2:10
  • and then finally boarding at 2:55
  • and getting to San Antonio at 4:50
  • Departing San Antonio at 5:15
  • Starting to land at LAX at 8:00 but then the pilot deciding just as we are about to touch down that it would be a more fun idea to take off again and fly over the ocean, and over my home town, and over Palm Springs... three times... due to air traffic control being a huge bag of dicks.
  • Landing in LA close to 9:00 PM (eight hours after I was scheduled to land)
  • Having everybody's bags taken off the plane and put through bag check... except mine.
  • Yeah! They just said "oh, we still have one bag on the plane!" And hour later. Just left it there. Thought it would be the giant pickle on the crap sandwich of my day. And how!
  •  Eating Inhaling In & Out.
  • Arriving at my parents' house at 10:00 PM.
So yes. After all that, I made it.

And of course, I am awake before 6:00 AM.