I began the tedious process of redeveloping my design website, which has not been live since June. I've felt caught in a paradigm of cost vs. gain in nearly everything I do. I didn't want to spend the money to renew a website that wasn't turning over profit for me, and was possibly something I didn't want to even do anymore. I've not kept up with design trends, software updates, or major developments in the graphics world. Essentially, I gave up. Almost everything I have ever worked towards has failed. And I think moving to Nashville was single-handedly the biggest mistake of my life.

But nothing changes when you give up. Nobody is going to call me up for a job interview when I have no visible portfolio or experience available for review. Nobody is going to call me up for a job interview at all. But things have to change. Major things have to change. If it means starting fresh, then fine.  I'm spending the first few weeks of January drawing up brand new concepts, printing them out, and photographing them for this new site. New business cards. New resume. It probably won't yield the results that I'm looking for (and, frankly, all I'm looking for is a way out of Nashville, and back into the LA area), but at least it's something and will pass the time.

Enough about that.

Yesterday I went vintage shopping in my favorite spots. If you follow my Instagram, you'll know I bought this ridiculous picnic dress, thanks to the advice of a friend of mine who made fun of me while going through my closet, because of all of the "driving dresses" I own. Yep. Driving dresses. The dresses you wear on long road trips in the summer time. She kept pulling ridiculous dresses out of my closet and asking me where I got them / where I wear them. I guess I collect them and they live in my closet because I have no life. But they make me happy. They're like, my friends.

It was $20 and I figured it will be good for when I build a time machine and perform at Woodstock '69.

I almost brought this beauty home, but it was chiffon (fancy word for POLYESTER... yuck), was a little steep at $40, and didn't hold my boobs in. I'm a little regretful, but I can't convince myself that I'll ever wear it.

Not even while driving.