When I was young and writing songs with my friend a lot, one of our mentors told us that the best thing we can ever do is keep a notepad by our beds at night for those off-the-wall thoughts and ideas that only creep into your brain when you are half asleep. Sometimes they make no sense, but sometimes they are necessary, brilliant bits of words that you didn't even know were what you needed at the time.

Last night, this happened to me. I kept my phone's notepad open so that when I unlocked my phone in the morning it would be the first thing I saw. I vaguely remember feeling so accomplished, profound, and excited while typing it out. My eyes were blurry, but usually I can decipher whatever it is I meant to say, despite all of the expected typos and blunders.  And there it was, staring me right back in my accomplished, profound, and excited face: "Salmon is rich people chicken."