To Chicago and back

Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday night was a big blurry butthole.

Wow. Wow. Okay. Let me start over.

This time change is horrible for me. My agoraphobia gets really bad, especially at night. When I get home from work, I'm ready to hide under the covers and cry about things. I mean, I don't really cry all that often. I bet you guys think I do. Sometimes. Well, anyway. Our flight out to Chicago wasn't until almost 8:00, but was delayed until after 10:00. Ugh. Darien called the airline at 6:30 to see if we could get on the earlier flight, and they agreed to it! Except it was a 7:30 flight and he wasn't done packing. And we were still at home.

So we sat in traffic on the way to airport, got there in time to feasibly make the flight but decided we'd just go back to our original later flight. It was less than half full and so I got to lay down and have weird airplane dreams.

We stayed close to the airport that night to save a few bucks.

In the morning we took the train into town and tossed our luggage in the storage room of our downtown hotel. Starving, tired, and grumpy, we went to get breakfast bagels at Einstein's, which is where I ate almost exclusively when I lived there (four years ago! Can you believe that?!). We also walked up through Lincoln Park to see our friends' pop-up shop.

Red Earth Trading Co. is a cool brand and you guys should check them out. It's all good-hearted and socially conscious stuff... and their shops tour the country. Who doesn't love that? Darien bought me a brass ring that looks like it has cat ears. I love it / him.

We stayed in the shop while we waited for a thunderstorm to pass. I tried on all the jewelry. And danced.

I was hellbent on going to H&M, but it was such hysteria in there that we gave it up. Sad!

After dinner that night, I had an unscheduled debilitating migraine that sent me to bed in our downtown hotel overlooking Grant Park and the lake.

The next morning we spent a half hour getting Starbucks, and then went to get eggs. We love eggs. All the eggs! We walked over to the Water Tower so I could get some free Ghirardelli chocolate (pro tip: always do this) and much to my delight... THERE WAS A TOPSHOP. RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

I found a solid black skater skirt, which is surprisingly hard to come by. I browsed the shoe sale section and nearly went into cardiac arrest at the site of the last pair of cognac wingtip buckle ankle boots. I haven't taken any pictures of them yet, but they were the LAST PAIR, in MY SIZE, and on sale from $180 to $38. THIRTY-EIGHT DOLLARS.

After buying them, I put them on my bossy feet and we walked over to the Hancock Building to sit in the cafe on the top floor. Like any major skyscraper, the view was great, and everything was overpriced.

Of course then I put my sock shoes back on and we walked up Michigan to the bean to take some ridiculous pictures.

We had to get some Chicago pizza before our flights that night, so we took the train over to Gino's East (I hate Giordano's, sorry) and ran into my friend Stacy on an iPod ad! Just like, right there! At my train stop!

We ate food that made my stomach hurt, and then the rain started. After a long, wet, motion sickness-inducing train ride down to the airport, Darien sat with me at my gate while I cried and complained like a baby about having to fly alone and stuff. He had to fly into NYC last night, and I had to come back to Nashville for work. He is going to be there for about a month... which means I will hopefully get to go up there this weekend (if I can get my act together and book a flight).