Sorry I called you guys stupid yesterday.

I haven't been sleeping very well.

This is my impression of someone I know named Darien:

"Oh hey, Karin? Taking your first real nap in a month? Okay. I'll leave you alone and just call your cell phone twice instead. I really don't want to disturb your sleep, so I'll also text you a few times in a row, too. The texts will include a scholarly essay I wrote about how I brought you coffee but I don't want to come to the door because I don't want the dog to bark and wake you guys up. Okay, well, other than that I can't think of what else I may need to communicate to you right now, so I'll just let you get that rest I know you need due to my constant snoring every single night. Also, thanks for baking me cookies at 3:00 AM. That was really nice and I don't deserve that at all."