I'm in the middle of a re-branding project and TWO scanners that I have tried using in the past 24 hours have not worked. Why? Why won't a scanner work? Two times in a row? How unacceptable is this kind of behavior?

And before you email me, it's not me. I'm not incompetent. I'm actually very competent. I would even say I am more competent than most people. My competence transcends the masses'. A whole 'nother level of competence, y'all.

It's just a frustrating concept anyway. I spent so much money on building my website, developing a huge portfolio of work, designing several versions of a business card, stationary, letterhead, envelopes... and it really proved to be for nothing. Not to mention the domain name I need is already TAKEN (wtf?!) and doesn't expire until July 21, 2013. And there is no website attached to it, anyway. And they have had it for three years. Because I am very good at the Internet and know how to find these things out.

Anyway I just wanted to let you guys know that I am going to commit suicide and all of my stuff goes to my dog.