I took the plunge.

I bought a non-refundable $96 vintage dress on Ebay.

If it doesn't fit I'm going to slit my wrists.

This was also my first purchase on Ebay ever. Isn't that weird? Considering all the online shopping I do? Shit, my mailman practically hates me. There's no excuse for the volume of stuff I receive in the mail. Plus I have like, a bajillion other packages on their way right now. Christmas presents and stuff. And like, a cute jacket I bought myself. For Christmas. It's a Christmas present to myself. Jesus. Literally.

If my UPS guy didn’t already hate me for buying everything I eat and own on the internet, he’s definitely going to hate me in 6 to 10 days if this vintage dress doesn't fit me and I have to just send it right back out via Instagram.