I just bought Darien a Christmas present on ModCloth. And it wasn't even as a joke.

I've been having internal panic attacks, as I often do with this type of stuff, in regards to all the vintage dresses I want to buy but aren't sure they'll fit. That's the crappy part of buying almost everything exclusively online. I think that if you are selling a vintage dress on the Internet for over $100, you should have a return policy. But everything is final sale, and that's so scary. What if I spend $200+ on these dresses and then none of them fit? Then I'm just out $200+.

I rationalize this fear by saying I will sell them via Instagram. That has proven to be a good policy so far (as in, the 1 time I did it.)

There are only two parties that I can think of that I'll be attending over Christmas, and neither of which requires a fancy dress. But I want to be fancy.

Also, this one girl listed the fabric as "polyester" -- which, great! That narrows it down! And when I emailed her about it, her response way mad inconclusive. How pissed will I be if I throw down $60 on a nylon-itchy dress? So pissed.

And then I'll try selling it to you on Instagram.