Here's the thing, ModCloth.

That Catula that you have been relentlessly trying to get me to purchase for a month now?

The one I added to my wish list this past Summer because I thought it was hilarious, and that quickly went out of stock (presumably because of said hilariousness), and that I asked you to email me about if it came back in stock? That you emailed me about, because it came back in stock? That you notified me of, in this upper right-hand corner as soon as I logged in? The one that you keep notifying me of, every single time I visit your website, even though I added it to my shopping cart? The one that I bought from that same shopping cart last week for my sister for her birthday? The one that is in the very shipment on this tracking page? The one that is literally on its way to me via Fedex right now? The one that I actually, technically, own? The one that, despite clicking the "X" every single time I go to a new ModCloth page, pops up and reminds me that I need to get it before it's gone? Even though I already did?

The thing is, you need to talk to your nerdy website coders and let them know that this is kind of unacceptable Internet behavior, especially for a company that runs exclusively on the Internet.

That's the thing, okay?