fiber 1, diarrhea for life

Monday, November 19, 2012

Does anybody reading this ever eat those Fiber 1 bars? You know, the brownies or whatever? They're like 90 calories (spare me, it's the worst marketing scam ever, but okay) and they taste pretty good, considerinig they're full of maltitol and stuff.

For those who don't know, maltitol and other sugar alcohols are not absorbed well in the small intestine, which means your blood sugar doesn’t spike so sharply when you eat sugar alcohols (and often why food labels don't include them in the "carb count.") That’s kinda good! The bad part is that they’re still in your intestine, and when the bacteria down there eats the sugar alcohols, you get gas. A lot of gas. A lot of really horrible-smelling gas that bloats your whole digestive tract. Sometimes accompanied by diarrhea, which, propelled by the large volume of gas generated by your gut flora, shoots out of your b-hole with frightening velocity.