Can't believe it's already the holidays again (and by that I mean "FINALLY!" and not "ugh, ALREADY"), which means people are starting to get all serious and putting energy towards being consumers and trying to better themselves. I don't believe in New Years Resolutions. I believe in whenever-I-want resolutions. Also cos I'm perfect and don't need to change anything about myself, so. Anyway, I decided to make a right-now-resolutions because some stuff has been lingering in my cerebral mansion and lists always make me feel so present.

• Take my self-awareness to the next level and stop stressing myself out so much when I don’t need to because I do that all the time when I really don’t need to and I should be at a point in my life where I can tell the difference between shit worth stressing myself out about VS. being drunk.

• Continue focusing on my fitness and eating more real food and less food outta the box because it's better for me and I don't want to get breast cancer or gain weight because I am a woman and obviously I can’t start a new resolution list– ha, let alone a day!– without being unsatisfied with my body.

• Drink more water. I've been really good at this. I've been peeing all the time. Super pale yellow.

• Start really writing and working on this book I have been wanting to write since I was 15, whether it be a blog entry or my old blogs to find good entries to put in my fictional novella no one will actually believe is purely fiction as it will no doubt be about Los Angeles and Nashville, boys, and a bunch of lazy, licentious musicians who want to be writers or pursue some career that is equally creative and contrived, just like me! I mean, but it’s fiction.

• Stop using my phone while driving (and other things while driving), even if I’m drinking iced coffee and being super brilliant and can’t wait to check Instagram.

• Listen to more new music. I’ve really fallen off of the care wagon.

• Get everyone to stop shortening "gorgeous" to "gorg." It takes a word that means "beautiful" and abbreviates it into this ugly, stupid sounding thing, thus defeating all the sentiments you’re trying to express on my Facebook photos.

• Stop talking shit on people who’ve wronged me, even though I really hate them with relatively good reason and wish my friends would, too.

• Forgive people who’ve wronged me and not just be like, “I’m over it, it’s fine… I mean, I think they’re really rude but it’s cool… I just feel like she’s kind of a stupid c-word, but whatever… No, really, it’s cool…”