brag-free zone

Sunday, November 25, 2012

So yesterday during my panic attack, I was all typing away in my blog Word document about how awesome something I was about to do was and then I dropped my phone and twisted my ankle while picking it up. Like, I’m waiting to wake up and not be able to walk anymore.

Well, I took something from that incident and then forgot it today when I was eating buffalo wings cos I was all “I am so impressed with my tolerance. I ordered the hot ones and like, they aren’t even that spicy. I thought they would dominate me.” And so I ate a bunch of them. And they were so hot that it was awesome. I was sweating and stuff. It was one of the spiciest things I have ever eaten.

And like, it’s chicken wing pain, and it’s not even pain as much as like "the night of the Presidential Fitness Test in elementary school." Yes, I’ve been this athletic my entire life.

And I feel like this is my “punishment” for bragging about how awesome I am. And I was bragging about my ability to successfully shovel chicken in my face, too. Like, that’s the bottom line here. I shouldn’t have even opened my mouth. You don’t brag about your ability to eat chicken. Ever.

As we were leaving, we noticed that the guy who plays Jimmy in "That Thing You Do" was sitting at a table right by the door, so we screamed and started quoting it really loudly and then left to get ice cream. And then kept talking about it for two hours.

Well! Goodnight!