One of my all-time favorite quotes from a movie comes from Tiny Furniture:

Poetry is a very stupid thing to be good at. Poems are basically like dreams–something that everybody likes to tell other people but nobody actually cares about when it’s not their own.

This is such a very real point. I hate, hate, hate hearing about people's dreams. I don't care. They mean nothing to me. They mean less than nothing to me. Nothing bores me more than hearing about your stupid, irrelevant, banal subconscious. I don't care how realistic it was to you. I don't care if you thought you were being eaten by a shark while simultaneously shooting your grandmother with a machine gun. And I really don't care how much it affected you for 5 minutes after you woke up. I don't care. Don't waste my time with those anecdotes. Anecdon'ts. My time is valuable. You can give me $5 for that time I'll never get back in my life.

HOWEVER, does somebody want to explain to me why I had a dream that when I walked out of a bathroom, I straddled Jason Bateman on my couch?