I'm pretty bummed because I spent $30 on produce this morning so that I could have a veggie soup cooking in my crock pot all day and it smells pretty bad.

Not, like... bad.  Just not good.

I also faceplanted in a bowl of guacamole that I made with some tortilla chips, that I also made myself, this morning.

I realized that I don't eat enough real food. I think I have been sustaining life based on my consumption of veggie chips, hummus, soy chips, Starbucks, and peanut butter. I guess the hummus is pretty good for me. And peanut butter is mostly good, sort of, if you pretend it doesn't have all that sugar. And veggie chips are all right, except they are mostly void of any real nutritional value. Same with the soy chips (which, for the record, soy kind of scares me?! Like... it's all cancerous and stuff? And promotes estrogen production? I got enough of that. Trust me.)

I did a quick Google search for the best veggie soup to make and kind of winged it from there. I chopped up some yellow onion, red onion, green onion, cabbage, celery, red bell pepper, garlic, spinach, and tomatoes, and tossed it in with some chicken broth and seasonings. I think I overdid some of the seasoning. I can't tell what it is. But it's making my eyes water. It's been cooking for six hours, and I'm going to pretend it's supposed to keep cooking to get all mushy. I didn't want to add any starches to it (carrots, potatoes, etc.) but the smell is so pungent that I'm thinking I might need to cook up some rice and mix it in.

I don't cook.

Anyway. I got that cooking and then went out to buy Darien some birthday presents, even though he's annoying. Here is my impression of me buying Darien birthday presents:

10:05 AM: Yeah. This for Darien. He'll like this.

10:08 AM: A coat for me.

10:15 AM: Maybe this for Darien.

10:20 AM: Jeans! These might fit me!

10:21 AM: Ohh! These jeans might fit me, too!

10:22 AM: I like these jeans. I need more dark jeans.

10:23 AM: Dark jeans for me.

10:30 AM: [trying on jeans for me.]

10:45 AM: Awesome! These jeans fit me! This pair of jeans for me!

10:48 AM: Oh. This coat is cuter.

10:49 AM: [puts first coat back.]

10:50 AM: Yeah. This coat for me.

10:52 AM: Thing for Darien.

10:55 AM: $105! Okay! That's okay! I got these two things for Darien!

11:05 AM: [new store] Oh. A sale on a sale. Wow. I should check for sweaters.

11:08 AM: Sweater for me.

11:09 AM: [shame spiral. No sweater for me. Walk away.]

11:10 AM: [leaves store without intended gift for Darien.]

11:15 AM: [gets in car]

11:20 AM: [gets on freeway]

11:25 AM: Shit! I didn't even look for that thing!

11:26 AM: Tomorrow. I'll go back tomorrow.