I think this is probably the best example of a retard on this topic, so I figure I'll throw a wrench in this woman hater's thought process:

"All of us paying" for abortion? Taxpayers don't pay a thing. If insurance covers procedures through the employer, then the employer and the patient are footing the bill. 

The point of all this is that it is discriminatory to fail to provide insurance for things that disproportionately affect women.

If you disapprove of abortion, then my advice to you is don't have one. You have the right to make that decision! It has nothing to do with who pays for it. 

What's wrong with having contraception be covered by health insurance? Why aren't you screaming about vasectomies being covered? Or Viagra being covered? (Both of them are.)

But you don't think female contraception should be covered? That we should just control our "desires"? But men can take a pill to make their dicks hard and enhance their "desires"? 

And we should instead spend taxpayer money teaching women about the fact that they can get pregnant

Fuck you. Fuck you with force, and your binders full of women.