I just took four Tylenol PM

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Normally it takes two to knock me out if I take them (and I very rarely do… less than three times a year), but I figured I was still so exhausted and wired from this busy work week that two more would do the trick tonight.

And then I saw that they are expired.

I hope I don’t die tonight (mostly), but if I do, my house is a mess. Please don’t hold it against me. I don’t DO meth, I just LIVE like I do. There’s a difference. I’m really busy. I actually like clean spaces, but I only have time to clean my body like three times a week, let alone the space I’m in.

Shit, to be honest, I’m lucky I took my overflowing trash bins down to the curb this morning. They'd been full for months. I've been too busy (lazy) to drag them down my driveway on trash day. For months. That would have made this even worse.

So okay, I’m going to bed. I don't have a life insurance policy, but legally everything goes to my parents and my sister, so I guess if tonight’s the night, then tomorrow they have a big payday. I’m sure that won’t soften the blow of a dead daughter / sister, but you know… maybe they’ll take a trip to Europe or something and redo the kitchen. I would want it to go to something like that.

Night guys! See you in the morning maybe!