Had a really busy weekend that sorta felt like a long weekend.

I've said this before, but on Fridays I'm usually dead to the world. My favorite activity is taking off my pants and melting into my couch. I did that, but at 10 I went out to meet some friends at a bar, and proceeded to get way too drunk. This seems to happen when I'm with this particular group of people, so the following day I was drowning in a Shame Hangover. I also didn't eat dinner, so all that guilt was lingering in my intestines. I picked Darien up at the airport early in the morning and we went straight to Cracker Barrel where I ate everything on the menu.

Feeling better about my life after eating, we went home and did my favorite thing: sat on the couch and watched Breaking Bad for several hours.

By mid-afternoon, I was ready to get out and about. We drove around looking for new places to live, got some lunch at Panera, and walked around the mall like a bunch of idiots.

And that's when I saw it.

The light pink Kitchenaid stand mixer that I've wanted for years.

Right in front of me.

Priced at 15% off.

Just... sitting there.  On a shelf.

I looked at Darien and said, "Is it time? Is this it?"

And it was.

I paid for it outright. With my own money that I worked really hard for. I felt like a powerful ass bitch.

Then Darien made this gross face.

Yesterday it felt like we did exactly the same thing, except with fewer Kitchenaid mixers and more car shopping. I convinced him to buy a new car, because I'm a reckless spender now.