Gettin pumped up for Halloween this year.

I have such an issue with spending $50+ on a polyester costume that I'll only wear once, to a party, that I'll leave after spending 30 minutes there. So I haven't really done Halloween in a few years. One year in college, I wore cat ears, black fishnets, a denim skirt, and a black sweater. And I was a cat, duh. Another year, I cut arm holes in a black trash bag with the guy who lived across the hall from me in the dorms, and we were Andrew and Sam from Garden State. Then there was that time I had a strapless white dress in my closet, so I put on a lot of gold jewelry and blue eye make up and said I was Cleopatra.

Notice how none of these are actual costumes.

So I decided to throw down some real cash on this blue wig and blue hair heart. My reasoning is, "I'll certainly have plenty of uses for an electric blue wig in the future."

I think that's probably true.

Here are some reasons to wear a blue wig:
  • it's Hanukkah!
  • it's Thanksgiving!
  • I'm walking around looking at Christmas lights!
  • I'm making vlogs!
  • it's Friday!
  • I'm at a bar!
  • ...I left my house!!
  • I need tampons!
  • These are all reasons for a wig.
The blue hair heart headband? I don't think I'll ever use that again. But it was $9.99, and when you're already spending $20 on a blue wig, you might as well throw down for the heart. Just do it, you know? That cost me two hours of my paycheck, and I'm gonna pretend it's the two hours when my baby bug is taking a nap and I'm doing unproductive things on the Internet. So it's kinda like it was free.

"Karin, those are not reasons." - only stupid people.