Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I just think if you are going to Target, you probably already have a reason to go there, even if it's a trivial reason. Like, "I need some more solid black sweater tights, but I'd prefer to get them at Target because that place is a black hole of desire" because three hours and $150 later, you'll be leaving... and probably without your sweater tights.

So what I'm saying is, how you gonna let it ruin your day if you see a shelf with glittery tree ornaments? You know? How you gonna let that affect you?

Just get your tights and move on. Change therapists or something. Don't even go to the home goods section. Don't even go over there. You don't need that hamper, or that mirror, or that chalkboard bin. You don't.

And you certainly don't need to have a negative opinion on a Christmas display.