Avery has some horrible croup cough with a fever and sore throat, and general unpleasantness ... syndrome.

Her brothers have both had a nasty wet cough for AT LEAST two weeks (probably more), so I'm sure she got it from them, but she is acting like she wants to die. I thought she WAS dying. I heard the cough over the baby monitor and thought she vomited, choked on it, and instantly died. There was no vomit. Oh, and she's also farting like she needs to supply the gas for this coming Winter. Huge farts. I can't even believe the volume of farts coming out of her tiny peach-sized butt. It sounds like she got one of those voice changers, held it up to a dying crocodile, and then played it back in her pants. I think I can actually feel the farts. Every 20 seconds or so. NASA can see the atmosphere change from space and they're wondering what's going on down here. Scientists are trying to identify the vibrations they keep feeling. I think she just broke Felix's record of breaking the sound barrier with the level of farts she is experiencing. It's as if the universe isn't even real anymore.

I don't remember the point of this post, but I actually have the feeling it was supposed to be about farts, so, mission accomplished.