This is my last hour as an average twenty five year old with exceptional hair. In an hour, I will become an average twenty six year old with exceptional hair.

Just wanted to say thanks everybody, it’s been a great time not actualizing my dreams to be a mega babe on the cover of Nylon with a S550 in the circular drive of my 1970′s mint-teal Palm Springs pad, but hey, you know, I feel like there is a lot of wisdom that comes with growing up.

Like I’m totally cool just aiming for thirty now. That’s fine, thirty’s like the new twenty one or something, right? I dunno, let’s just read the latest Jen Aniston interview & subtract ten years to whatever “oh see middle-aged isn’t old!” bullshit they try to pass off a good plastic surgeon as. By their logic, I’m like nine so I feel like I have my WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF ME ALL OVER AGAIN!