I had a birthday.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I had a very wonderful, yet quick, trip home to Los Angeles for my birthday this weekend.

Darien's tour played LA Saturday night, so it worked out for me to leave Friday after work and spend the night in my old bed before heading down to the venue. My Gay Husbands (Mark and Antonio) picked me up and we went buckwild at Lazy Dog, which is the lamest bar situation in my hometown, yet one of the only ones that people go to. Of course I ran into high school friends and had to do the whole "catching up with people you don't care about" dance, but there was vodka so I managed to deal with it.

Look at Mark! He looks like a model back there! You can't see Kyle, because he was probably embarrassed to be seen with me (as usual), but we spent a good hour or two making total fun of each other.

The next morning, my mom and I just did us to the fullest. We went to two different Ross stores and wandered in some ghetto tacky clothing stores until we both realized we were tired and wanted to sit at home.

Darien rented a car and made the drive up to pick me up, and then we went straight down to the Home Depot Center to get ready for the show. My friend Stacy was out on the tour (THANK GOD) so we got to talk about really gross female body functions (my favorite topic), and baby poop, and baby things, and laughed and laughed and laughed about walrus aerobics. Or whatever else we were laughing about.

Mutemath has been the opener on this tour so they only play a 5-song set... which kinda blows, until you remember that they are touring with Incubus. I couldn't work up the nerve to ask Brandon to be my boyfriend, or even say hi, or even walk past their dressing room without hiding my face in terror, but I did get to watch a chunk of their show from the stage.

Darien and I grabbed some catering, where I was in a totally weird mood from sleep deprivation and exhaustion. We went back to the bus to wait for some traffic to clear out, and at midnight everyone sang happy birthday to me and it was the best. I typically don't have very fun birthdays, so I try and not make a big fuss about it whenever it comes around... but it felt really good to have a handful of people who wanted to make me feel spesh.

Yesterday morning I woke up and put a crown on. My mom made me the cutest cake.


You can't tell in the pictures, but it is a Disney Princess cake... the crown cookies are decorated with candy pearls, the shoe cookies are decorated with shoe sprinkles, and the candles were actual Disney candles. 

I opened some gifts from my parents (INCLUDING THE HIGHLY COVETED DEER PRINT PANTS -- YES!) and then woke Darien up so we could get some coffee.

We drove around in the desert hills -- which is, hands down, my Official Happy Place -- and he snapped some pictures of the very amazing birthday woman herself.

We had a nice drive with some nice chit chat and some nice coffee, and then we went back to my house so that I could change into clothes that didn't easily show off my vagina.

And this is the quintessential Birthday Photo. It says it all. Especially that phantom tail in the corner.

We had lunch with my parents at my dad's favorite Mexican place and then quickly came home to gulp down some cake. My mom divided the cake up for Darien to take back on the road, and bagged up the extra cookies for my flight (which, sadly, did not survive at the bottom of my bag -- they are now and forevermore known as simply birthday crumbs), and we raced down to LAX so I could catch my evening flight.

The flights were, of course, terrible. I was tired and cold and bloated... and didn't land in Nashville until nearly 1:00 this morning. I'm not sure how I am functioning with a toddler right now, but let's all just go with it and chalk it up to being a year older, wiser, and awesomer.