To the two people who just emailed me simultaneously asking how I get my teeth so white:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1. They aren't that white. I mean, they are whiter than they were. I read in a magazine that your teeth whiteness should match your eyes' whiteness. I disagree with that sentiment. Especially if you are somebody with blue eyes (like me). I think the blueness of my eyes makes the whiteness of my eyes look like a blue ish white. And there is nothing cute about teeth that are so white that they look blue.

2. Seriously, though. I think they just look really white in that picture, BUT!

3. Hydrogen peroxide. Honestly. After you brush your teeth in the morning, and after you floss (yes, this is essential; if you are unwilling to floss everyday, then don't even bother doing this because you'll just be bleaching the food stuck in your teeth and not your actual teeth) just soak a cotton ball or Q-tip with some generic hydrogen peroxide. The stuff in the opaque brown bottle. It's like 90 cents for a big bottle. And just go over your teeth with that everyday. Or you can even dump some on your toothbrush. I don't care what you do. It'll foam up a little and tingle. Then just spit it out. Or swallow it. I don't know the health risks with ingesting hydrogen peroxide everyday, but so far I'm okay.

90 cent whitening. You're welcome.