stop bein hateful

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A lot of people have tried to tell me that they think the Brandon Boyd Roadtrip Challenge is going to be impossible and that I need to get a clue.

Well, I just listened to the record fifteen times in a row and it’s still playing. As I suspected, it all turned into white noise half way through the third song and I can barely feel it. Multiply that by four and we’re in Hotlanta, dawgs. I also want to state that I've expanded this challenge to include Morning View because, duh, I used to pretty much rule Malibu and it's sending me into a reminiscent daze. When's the last time you listened to "Blood on the Ground"? That's some angsty shit!!! I remember making this the opening track to a mix CD I made about a dude one time. LOL! Like, YEAH RIGHT, 16 YEAR OLD KARIN. YEAH RIGHT.

I feel the need to point this out because it only further proves my point that most people are hateful idiots and you can’t trust them because they don’t know wassup. Wassup is the Brandon Boyd Roadtrip Challenge, breaking barriers, socially experimenting and bettering your personhood through adventures.

That’s wassup.