Thursday, August 2, 2012

I just don't have anything to really talk about right now! I'm working really hard on getting these tote bags made and a shop put up, but DAMN you guys... I'm only making 20 of them! And they are taking forever! Sort of! I made 11 last weekend. Except for the straps, AKA, the dumbest part of bag making. Gosh! I wish I had something exciting to tell you or ways to further pimp myself out right now, but I just don't!

Like, in an ideal world, I would come home from my "studio," eat a steak dinner, drink a glass of champagne while my staff harpist treats me to a goodnight song and then go to bed knowing that I had a long, productive, and lovely day.

That is the opposite of the case.

I…I don’t even own a harp, let alone many harps that would necessitate an entire rack. And I’m sorry for that. For you.