I've been storing all of my thread and supplies in giant mason jars and cluttering up my work space and it's getting outta hand. I was looking for buttons and like, I don't care who you are, but your life is a mess if you can't scrape up a button. Buttons are everywhere.

You know the extra buttons they give you when you buy all your tacky ass mall shirts? You know? The extra buttons that come with clothes? I'm gonna collect them. I’ll never fix my dumb mall shirt if the button falls off, so I'm just gonna put them elsewhere.

My mom had all of our extra buttons sewn to a huge glove when I was growing up and that’s a cool idea too. It’s more of a way to organize extra buttons, but if you’re MAD FREE SPIRITED like myself, you can actually WEAR the glove and walk around like “Yo, I got button hands.”