I woke up at 6:00 AM on the button. I am still so tired. I keep telling myself, "I'll only watch one more episode of Sister, Sister and then I'll get back to sewing."

Sewing. Sewing. Sewing. Sewing.

Yesterday I took apart my bobbin case (accidentally) (because my thread kept getting jammed and i pulled really hard and three separate pieces fell out) and I also managed to sew my finger. I only completed three bags.

I know you're thinking, like, "Wait.. you only made three bags? Don't you have, like, twenty bags to complete?" And yes, you're right. Except all I need to do is attach the straps at this point. Which I thought would be a simple task. Oh, no. No no no. Incorrect. Try again. By the time I cut out all the straps, ironed them, and stitched them up, somehow six hours had passed and I ran out of fabric.

My goal today is to complete the remaining seven bags with the straps I cut out yesterday, and then maybe cut out the other ten straps and do the same exact thing I did yesterday and oh my god I'm never going to finish this this is a nightmare help me there are animals wearing top hats scaring me help.