I hope that Smokey knows how much I love her. I’m sure she's not that complicated in her thinking, like, there’s probably no way she’s thinking about it as much as I am, but she’s laying right now on my feet and she’s napping and I’m thinking “I hope more than anything that this dog knows how much I live for her.”

Sometimes I think she might not. When I leave work at night, or gone for the weekend, and she doesn't see me for a day or two? I don’t know if she’s in to thinking about it the way I am, if sometimes she wonders how much I love her and if I leave her because I’d rather be somewhere else or something, but she’s probs not… she’s probably dreaming about bone marrow and peeing on things.

I love her, though. A lot. She has really helped me deal with the transition of not seeing my parents' dog everyday. She makes my heart feel extra beaty. I want to doodle in my notebook about her. I feel like I will die when she dies. I just love her so much and I really really hope she knows.