Brandon Boyd Roadtrip Challenge

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Okay. I have thought long and hard about how I wanted to write about this. And I think the best course of action is to just say it.

I'm seeing Brandon Boyd on Sunday.

Some of you probably don't understand the significance of this statement, and let me just fill you in on something. Brandon Boyd was like, really responsible for a lot of my adolescent crush jams. Big time crush jams.

Mutemath is supporting the Linkin Park / Incubus tour right now and can I just say that mahhhgaaawwwd I'm thrilled. I'm going out to see Darien this weekend but like, no offensies, I'm going to try my hardest to get the chillest picture of me and Brandon Boyd ever.

So, I had a pretty brillo idea today. Are you free to listen? I have a plan.

From now until Sunday, including on the fourish hour drive to from Nashville to Atlanta, I want to listen to nothing but "Make Yourself" by Incubus. Just that one record on repeat for five days.

I’m considering it a mixture between a test of my endurance as well as a test of my memory. I want to sincerely listen to the songs, then ironically, then sincerely again. All in the course of five days. I want to condition my brain to have an extreme opinion of the record, and after listening to it for five straight days, and on a drive through the South, I don’t know how I couldn’t form a definite way to make Brandon Boyd take a picture with me at some point. What I'm saying is I need a plan, and the best way to plan this photo out would be to only listen to his voice for five days.

This is all looking a lot dumber typed out than it’s looked on the paper of my brain for the last hour while I’ve been daydreaming about this, but I think that anyone with a real sense of awesome knows exactly what I’m talking about and how amazing it will be. Five days. One (totally powerful) record. Not only will all of us know every lyric forever (perm. karaoke default 4 lyfe!), but I will also have a bond with Brandon Boyd that no one has had since at least 2003. And hopefully a picture with him.

Anyway, I think someone should sponsor this. If you want to sponsor my Brandon Boyd Roadtrip Challenge '12, let me know via email some of your ideas about how I can get a totally blog worthy photo with Brandon Boyd.

I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time.