"Before you can breathe a sigh of relief, you have one more day, August 15, when Saturn will meet up with Mars, a once-in-two-year event. This time these two opposite types of planets are meeting in your house of personal monetary resources. Mars says, "Let's go" and Saturn says, "No - stop! Not yet!" This is like a meeting of fire and ice and you will likely be stopped in your tracks. It's a tense day with lots of push-pull pressure on you. Delay the announcement of any important decision on this day. Allow a plus or minus of two days surrounding this day."

Yo, if you guys don't read your Susan Miller horoscope, get your buns over to her site and read up. She's shockingly on point. I was gonna do my big shop announcement today, but it didn't feel right. I kept getting distracted by other things and couldn't figure out why it didn't feel right yet. THANKS, SUE. NOW I GET IT. Hopefully I will update my masthead and Instagram on Friday. 

Also, my new shoes are too small. I look like one of those girls whose toes hang off the front. I heard a comedian make a joke about that before. The girls who buy shoes a size too small so that they look small when they ain't on your feet. He was like, "get a bigger size! It's a deal breaker when a girl's toes hang off the front of her shoes!" And I have like, really long toes. And I'm sad. :( :(