So pissed because I spent $4.99 (+$4.95 in shipping) for this sassy ass phone case because Mr. Panda is gettin MAD finger grease dirty on the sides and mama (me) can't be bothered to use the Google machine to see about how you clean finger grease off the sides of some Chinese silicon material without erasing Mr. Panda's face completely and YO, this shit is NOT REAL. The real versions of these cases come in some cute ass packaging with weird phrases that don't mean anything because they were designed by Asians who probs used the Google machine to find some hip American phrases but really it's phrases like "the cute you bring home" or "love for my every" which doesn't mean anything unless you're at a bar on a Saturday night and feeling kinda desperate, I guess. I dunno, and I'm really pissed because my spare bear case that I let Darien use for two days, that he saw as his duty to get as dirty as possible in as little time as possible, was the SAME SHITTY DEAL. Some soft silicone nasty grippy material with a pixelated version of the cool as hell legit Asian ones like Mr. Panda. At least this one isn't pixelated, I guess, but there went almost an hour of my paycheck, you know?

And I'm so pissed.