So excited about my Friday night. So excited about it.

I was less excited because I've never seen a movie in 3D because, frankly, that sounds like absolute torture hell. I don't even like wearing sunglasses, and those keep the sun rays out of my retina so that I don't go blind. How do you expect me to wear ugly 3D glasses that probably don't fit right while watching a movie about my favorite female of all time and have me leave feeling satisfied? What is going to happen when I start crying when her marriage crumbles backstage at a show and she has to immediately go out and perform California Girls (aka, the Most Accurate Song About California Ever)? I can't even ride Toy Story 3D without getting really angry at everything. And like, I know Darien always beats me point-wise on that ride, but I totally kick his ass at my accuracy. He just shoots aimlessly and rapidly, while I take my time and see where exactly I need to shoot. I think that in the long run, I'd be better off because I'm a bitch who gets shit done with precision, and he just runs rampant anytime he gets a gun in his hands. Not a gun. That little ball on the string you have to pull. I realize I am comparing a ride at Disneyland to, like, comprehensive warfare... but I guess that tells you something about how I've been processing minor issues in my life lately. So yes, I was less excited about it, but then I got more excited about it, because it's Katy Perry.

Unless the 3D glasses come in the shape of lollipops, or lips, or a bra. Then I can kind of get behind it.

PS: Do you think it says "Invite Friends" as a joke? Or was it a suggestion? Why does Fandango have absolutely no sensitivity to my living situation? I'm going to kill myself.