Okay fine, but on a SERIOUS NOTE...

I can't find my Apple TV remote.

It's not mine. It's at my job. So it's not MINE. I just feel like it is.

I have torn the couch up. I have sifted through several tubs of kid toys (God... I would hope they were kid toys. Why would I have to even clarify that? Who sifts through tubs of ADULT TOYS?! I mean, I'm sure somebody's job is that. But why would I sift through tubs of adult toys?!?!?!?) I've scoured the counter tops. I even went in the knife drawer thinking somebody got really confused in middle of the night and when they went to put their knives to sleep, they accidentally put the Apple TV remote to sleep with the knives. Wait, what if there was a knife mafia fight and they all killed the remote? Great. Now I'll never get to watch Apple TV again.

You're probably wondering why I need to be watching Apple TV at work.

And it's because it's connected to the Netflix which is where Breaking Bad lives right now.

And I was going to be Breaking all kinds of Bad while the kids nap today.

That, and an anonymous two year old girl has been foaming for some Land Before Time action... so...

This. Is. An. Outrage.

:( :( :( :(