i love drugs!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I've learned a lot from Breaking Bad.  I started season 4 last night while eating a veritable smorgasbord of buffalo chicken... which is the only thing I ever cook, I guess.

I learned that people don't just get stabbed out of the blue. You don't just walk along a sketchy neighborhood and get stabbed... unless they think you are somebody who stole their drugs and/or didn't pay them back. But if you do get stabbed, and you in fact did NOT steal drugs or fail to pay somebody for those drugs, it's because you were mistaken for somebody who did... OR... you know real targeted victim and you were, like, a "message." But you were involved in some way.

That's why this morning when a man was stabbed several times at the Walmart less than a mile from my house, I have to assume that it was either mad Mexican cartel drama or like, homie looked like somebody who started manufacturing methamphetamine and totes stepped on the wrong territory.

And you know what? After seeing all of this (albeit fictional) drug processing drama? I think all drugs should be legal. Shooting up heroin or smoking meth from a broken light bulb should be a moral decision, not a legal one. All of that wasted money going into the so-called War on Drugs should be put into clean needle exchange programs and non-profit rehab centers.

Those who want to find heroin will find it. I know this. You know how I know this? Because everyone knows a heroin addict. We should be helping the people who want to clean up, not preventing something that can’t be prevented.

Legalizing drugs = less innocent people getting stabbed at my Walmart where I buy my buffalo sauce. Basically.