Hold on, though.

How would any of you even know if something happened to me?

What if I choked in my house? Or fell and hit my head? Or drowned myself in my own vomit while I was asleep?

I mean, theoretically, my bosses would probably try calling me. And then when I didn't answer, they'd probably call my boyfriend, who doesn't even answer my calls, and then they might search through their tax documents to find my address and maybe come see if I was there. But I think in this scenario, they wouldn't even come to my house until like... several hours after they tried calling me the first time. And they'd probably forget in the meantime. They'd probably think, "Oh, that Karin, always getting into... wait, what does she even do when she's not here?"

I'd just be rotting in my house until somebody finally got around to seeing if I was in there.

Which wouldn't even happen for... a while.

But then, what happens when my job ends in a few months? There is seriously not one person who would know if anything happened to me. For weeks. WEEKS. It totally doesn't even take that long for your body to liquify and soak into the carpet. AND I WOULD KNOW, because I watched two seasons of Breaking Bad this weekend while alone in my house watching my phone not ring. I've learned a lot about the methamphetamine industry, and also the liquifying of human remains industry.

And nobody would even know!

This is why I'm going to delete all of my social media and buy Life Alert.