Happy Anniversary to the end of my life.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So I think today is my official "1 year anniversary" living in this circling drain of the Mid-South and so I guess I need to write a celebratory blog post about how this year has changed me 4 eva or something.

But I'd rather talk about myself instead.

So, my twenty sixth birthday is in 45 days. It’s kinda giving me the heebie jeebz but it’s like, “Karin, chill the hell out dude. Just cos you were drunk off Hollywood sparkle dust for the first twenty four years of your existence thinking you would be the Kelly Kapowski of life by this time does not mean you’re a lame washed-up-yet never-has-been blogger with a beat up heart and tons of roots showing. IT DOESN’T! Who cares if you didn’t 'make it'!"

Because no matter how old I get, I’m going to keep it real in my $9.50 Forever 21 slim cut jeans FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

And I am also discussing my "future" in this town at dinner tonight with Potential New BFF and our quest for music, so. Fingers and toes crossed for Magic Spirit Revival 2k12!