The grocery store is totally guilting people into donating money to disabled people.

Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t donate to the disabled, I’m just saying that Kroger really doesn’t give you much of a choice. The cashiers have to ask every single customer if they would like to donate to the disabled, even though it has the option on the screen when you pay. And it’s to guilt people into it, dude. How are you going to actually say no, out loud, to helping disabled people? Or better yet, how are you going to ask how the money is allocated? How much of the money actually goes to the disabled? How much does Kroger get for their remodels and rain forest audio adventures in the produce section? You can’t ask the cashier that. You think she knows? Of course you don’t think she knows, she barely knows geometry. And I’m not hating, I sure as shit do not remember geometry other than Pythagorean Theory, sort of, but I just also know this seventeen year old does not know how Kroger is going to split up my dollar.

And if little Tina Twelfth Grader at the grocery store DOESN’T ask if I want to donate money to disabled, then I get a free two liter bottle of soda. Seriously, I’d rather give $.25 to the disabled and $1.75 to Kroger’s Rainforest Cafe production of a produce section than take home two liters of Dr. Skipper.

This is only one reason why I don't go grocery shopping.