Don't even talk to me, it's Friday.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I’m going to level with you and say that usually by the time Friday rolls around, let me tell you,

Friday is usually the night I have nothing planned & nothing I’ve forgotten about planning but people have random crap that night. Like I get texts from people that are doing random off the cuff nonsense that I would normally be like, “YEAH! LET’S TOTALLY GO TO THAT SHITTY POETRY READING & DRINK CHEAP BEERS WITH PEOPLE I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT! LOL!” but I just can’t tonight guys. It's Friday and I have a lot of nothing to do.

When I got off work I stopped by my fabric situation and got SIX YARDS of canvas for these tote bags I've been swearing up and down on the Internet that I'm going to make.

I just put one bag together. It took two hours, I have a headache and loose threads everywhere like this is some 1960’s sitcom and I’m the incompetent housewife trying to prove something while my slicked-back hair husband is at work, and it just turns out I ruin everything by accident, except these seams are mad stable and look perfect, so I’m just going to pretend that all those threads I was cutting haphazardly were supposed to get cut.

Anyway, I’m blogging about this because 1) I’m such a competent, down ass bitch who can put together things using machinery and 2) at some point in this two hour procedure I removed my pants, and didn’t realize it until I sat back down with a huff after inserting the lining into the canvas shell.

“Finally! I’m done!” I look down at my bare legs. “When did this happen?”