Darien flew into town yesterday because he has a few days off and it was so much fun because he got to see me in my most natural Sunday state which is drinking heavily at noon at La Hacienda and then we went to the mall and he bought me socks and then we got him some new shoes that are exactly like the ones I got him for his birthday last year because I am such a good gift giver and he loves them but he's a reckless monster and destroys things so he needed new ones and then I got more fabric for this project I'm working on and then we got ice cream and then we got wings and it was so fun and then we went home and I made him watch the two first episodes of Breaking Bad and if you're sick of hearing about Breaking Bad, just wait until I get to this part of my night where I tell you that I had nightmares ALL NIGHT LONG about getting murdered or whatever.

So much fun.