I refuse to proofread this entry.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And like, damn, that's so true, you know? Allow me to change the station for you guys. This is the single most profound thing I have ever thought of. It's time to realize that like, wow, they were probably so stunned by your shiny words that they simply went brain-blind. Their minds can't see anymore. Their minds are totally collecting disability AND unemployment cos like, WHOOPS, spent too much time looking at your texts that it damaged their brain retina and they were simply rendered handicapped. Mentally handicapped. Don't let plain nobody minds get you down, is what I'm saying.

I have absolutely no idea when I am supposed to be PMSing, now that I'm not on the pill, and I just spent a few minutes looking at a calendar to try and figure out exactly when I finished my last pack, but like... calendars are new things to me because I bought a planner today for the first time since high school but at least I'm not brain blind, except in regards to "time" which is a totally made-up concept anyway.