This is a seriously attractive picture of Rachel, Nichole, and me at the bar this past weekend.

Yo. We’re getting older. The three of us have been friends for a long ass time and it’s kind of crazy to look back on photos of us running around LA together, doing us.

The first time we really hung out, the winter after moving back from Chicago, I’m not sure that there’s a picture of the three of us together. Facebook was in its hayday, but it was still kind of like, pre-everyone having a digital camera and recording their lives. I don’t even think YouTube existed. Trip on that!

These times were mad simple.

On Friday I went out to Thousand Oaks to visit my friends and their parents at Hooters because it was Friday and I hadn't seen them in like, years. We all got kinda way drunk and went to some bar that I don't even remember the name of, and literally ran into Rachel and her boyfriend, who I also used to work with. It was way emotional and I decided that somebody needed to give me Nichole's current address and drive me there.

After hopping a few fences and peeing in a bush, I totally found her. And we went back to the bar... and she wore a poncho.

And that's why she's my favorite human.

Cos you can pick her ass up at midnight, and even though she's in bed wearing black leggings and a black tank top, she'll throw on whatever poncho she can find and just like, be herself and own the bar and capture everyone's attention and, like, transcend space and time effortlessly.